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September 25th, 2009

First Time Author or Published Author? You have come to the right place!

If you are seeking to publish your book, we can make it happen. However – we do not publish every manuscript we receive.
If your work is approved by our editors, we will publish and market it under a limited exclusive contract.
You receive a fixed monetary royalty for every book we sell and you retain your copyright.
If you just desire to see your work in print, we offer an inexpensive publishing service, which includes laying out the book block and designing the cover. You also receive a fixed monetary royalty for every book we sell.
All published books will be printed under our imprint using our ISBN. The copyright is always retained by you. We also keep your book in print at no cost to you. We even provide you with your own Web-page. We work with you to publish your manuscript



Why does Nemsi Books pay a Fixed Monetary Royalty instead of a Percentage?

If you look at POD publishers and their quoted royalties, you will notice that they state percentages like 25% or higher for all Internet sales and 10% for all book store sales and so on.
But what does that really equate to in monetary terms?
Lets us say that a book sells for an average price of around $15.00 – but book stores desire a publisher to provide them with a hefty discount. Therefore, that $15.00 book sold by a book store is bought for less than $8.00. Do you really think that the publisher would give you 10% of the book store’s retail price?
And then consider that the Internet price is also not set in concrete. Economic forces might drive that retail price down as well – so what is a 25% royalty really worth?
We have chosen to be up front with our royalty structure and that is why we offer a fixed monetary royalty instead of a meaningless percentage. An author can thus be assured that they get a defined payment for each book we sell, be it on the Internet or via a book store.
We have removed the uncertainty that most authors encounter. They can now calculate their return and determine how many books they need to sell in order to make a living or cover their expenses



Is Nemsi Books a POD or a Vanity publishers?

We are definitely not a vanity publisher.
But let us examine if there is a difference between a vanity publisher and a POD publisher.
Print on Demand (POD) has its place in the publishing industry as it allows publishers to minimize their stock. Less stock translates into lower overhead costs, which is good for business. Therefore it is becoming more acceptable for publishers to use the POD model.
However, vanity publishers take this process to the extreme. They will accept any work as long as the author pays for its publication. Usually the author would then be asked to also pay for marketing and other incidentals. Vanity publishers do not expose themselves to risk and even manage to convince the author to pay for an initial printing of their own books whilst charging for each copy the author then buys from them. Essentially the author pays for their published material many times over.
We do not do this. When we publish an author’s work, we do so because we believe the manuscript has merit. Such manuscripts we publish at our expense. And yes, we do use the POD model for printing a small run. It makes good sense as we are a business and we need to make some money to realize our own projects. We therefore do publish some works where the author pays for the production. Such production runs might be a school’s year book, a family history, scientific manuscripts and book reprints, to name a few examples. Our editorial and proof reading services as well as cover design and book block layout can be also purchased at reasonable rates.
It may be more accurate to call us a ‘Publish on Demand’ house, as we never just print one copy of a book at a time. We always keep our books in stock and we do not farm out our distribution.
We are proud of the quality and service we provide. All our books are visually inspected before they are shipped to our customers all around the world.


Can Nemsi Books publish my book under my own logo?


Yes we can. However, unless you also supply us with your own ISBN the book will be listed under our name in the Bowker database.


I wish to Self-Publish my book, can Nemsi Books help me?


Yes we can. The price for this service would need to be negotiated on an individual basis as it depends on the scope of the work and the number of books printed.
All files and books produced in this process become your property on completion of our work. You would then have complete control of the distribution and marketing of your own books.
This would be true Self-Publishing!


What do I get if I pay to publish my work with Nemsi Books?


If you choose to pay for publication under our imprint, we charge you a very reasonable fee. We work with you to design a customized cover and lay out your book block. We will review your text and suggest improvements if such are required. We use our ISBN and our logo. We register your copyright and deposit one book with the library of congress. We print a small run and sell the entire run to you at cost plus shipping and/or market your completed work, paying you a fixed royalty per book. In either case, you retain all rights to your work and have the freedom to publish it with another publisher as well.


How much would it cost me to publish with Nemsi Books?


If your book block contains no graphical material, our standard package price is $1,550.00


Are there any hidden costs?


We only charge you for the service you request us to provide. If, for example, we need to process an image for inclusion in the book block, we give you the opportunity to do this yourself. If you ask us to do it, we provide you with a quote first.


If I publish with Nemsi Books, do I get my own Web page?


Yes you do. All our published authors get their own free web page with their picture and biographical details as well as a list of all the books they have published through us. Readers can purchase each book listed directly from that page via our shopping cart. Authors may thus link to their personal web page via their own web site.


How do I submit my manuscript to Nemsi Books?


The first step would be to prepare your manuscript so that it is ready for review by the publisher.
The document should be in an electronic format (such as MS-Word).
Once you have prepared your document, submit it to us for consideration. Please use our Manuscript Submission form to upload your manuscript.


What happens after my work has been reviewed by Nemsi Books?


Once we have reviewed your work, we will contact you and discuss your options.
If we feel that your work has merit, we may offer to publish your work under our FREE publishing plan.
Once you have accepted our offer, we work with you to publish your book. You retain all rights to your work, however, under our FREE publication offer, we ask that we have a limited exclusive period in which we can market your book. Thereafter you may enter into another contract with a publisher of your choice.


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