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March 20th, 2011

Karl May’s epic Traveler Tales entered the public domain in 1963 and we are proud to offer these tomes in e-pub format here.

The year 1963 was a pivotal moment in time, a crucial instance that would realize Karl May’s true desire. Read his thoughts and you will soon understand the purpose of his writing, for Karl May wrote:

“A brightness filled the space between the four confining walls of my cell and they opened up. At first I felt, then saw and finally I understood the secret, the intimate connections between the minuscule and the macrocosm, the physical and the spiritual, the body and the mind, the finite and the infinite. It was now that I started to comprehend the deepest meanings of my grandmother’s dear, old fables. For whole nights I lay awake and pondered. I was chained to the deepest, lowest and most despised Ardistan and I sent all my thoughts up to the bright and free Jinnistan. I imagined myself to be the lost human soul that could not be found unless it finds itself. One cannot find one’s true self in lofty Jinnistan, one can only find it down here, in Ardistan, among earthly suffering, in the torment of mankind, eating the swill that the prodigal son ate, as mentioned in that biblical parable. My imagination started to arrange what I was searching for into a tangible shape so that I could seize and hold onto it. It dwelled and breathed within me. And not just in me but also outside of me, omnipresent, in every human being, even in the entire human race like one universal entity.”

And yet his tales, his parables that he desired to tell to the world, were to be bound for fifty more years after his death. Fifty years during which his writings were violated by those whose interests were not the lost human soul but the wealth his writings could generate. Even now his original handwritten pages are put up for auction so that the last penny can be squeezed from them. This is quite contrary to Karl May’s intent for he wrote:

“I want my readers to stop regarding life as a merely material existence. This view is a prison for them, beyond the walls of which they are unable to see, to behold the sunny, free, wide land.”

In the third volume of his most famous tale “Winnetou” he wrote these prophetic lines:

“This was how the Apache’s testament had disappeared, just as its author had passed away and just like the Indian people will disappear. They were richly provided for, but were not allowed to reach their full potential. Just like the shreds of the testament were scattered to the winds, so too does the red man drift across the far expanses that once belonged to him.”

Might Karl May have foreseen what would happen to his own writings? It is a question we should ponder for it is greed that drives this world and whilst this vice governs the heart of humanity, there is little hope that the lost human soul will be found.

But we must take heart, we must strive to seek what we have lost and to help us do that, we offer Karl May’s original writings to the English speaking world – not for profit or financial gain – not for fame or glory – but for the joy of finding that which was lost. May you also enjoy the rediscovery of the lost soul of mankind.

Karl May’s Legacy Again Under the Hammer

February 23rd, 2011

As reported in the “Sachsen Spiegel” on the 22nd February 2011, the Karl-May-Verlag Bamberg is to auction a second part of Karl May’s legacy …

Perhaps the readers of Winnetou III will recall how Santer stole Winnetou’s Last Will and Testament and tore it asunder as he felt certain he could escape with the golden nuggets unhindered. Perhaps the dear readers will also recall his fate …

Karl May, so it seems, predicted what would happen to his own legacy.

“This was how the Apache’s testament had disappeared, just as its author had passed away and just like the Indian people will disappear. They were richly provided for, but were not allowed to reach their full potential. Just like the shreds of the testament were scattered to the winds, so too does the red man drift across the far expanses that once belonged to him.” – Winnetou III

Should we allow Karl May’s work to be torn asunder and scattered to the wind?

Oriental Odyssey VI – In the Balkan Gorges – Karl May / Michael Michalak

December 20th, 2010

This book is the sixth part of the Oriental Odyssey series. Kara ben Nemsi and Hajji Halef Omar continue their pursuit of a murderous band that is in league with the Schut. Along the way Kara ben Nemsi rescues Schimin the blacksmith and his wife. Traveling further, our hero uncovers a smuggler’s cache and falls prey to the beggar Saban. Believing that Kara ben Nemsi has been killed, the beggar and his cohort divide their ill-gotten gain. Halef arrives just in time to rescue his beloved Sihdi but one thief escapes upon Rih and a mad ride to regain this valuable horse ensues. Later Kara ben Nemsi and Hajji Halef Omar find themselves in a pigeon loft, from where they spy on the ones they pursue. As their ride continues, they expose a vampire and finally face the Turkish law in Ostromja.

In the Realm of the Silver Lion I – Karl May / Juergen Nett

November 6th, 2010

The first half of In the Realm of the Silver Lion I describes Old Shatterhand’s adventures meant to follow the events described in Winnetou III. After his best friend’s death, our hero is so deeply depressed and unkempt that initially he isn’t even recognized as Old Shatterhand by The Two Snuffles, two Men of the West he meets along his way to the Apache tribe. Together they meet the mysterious Persian nobleman Jafar and repeatedly rescue him from the clutches of hostile Comanche Indians. The adventure continues several years later in Persia where Old Shatterhand’s Oriental alter ego Kara Ben Nemsi undertakes multiple journeys with his friend Hajji Halef Omar. Together they slay the Lion of Blood Vengeance, cross paths with an arcane cult called ‘The Shadows’, and reconnect with an old friend of theirs, the Polish expatriat Dozorca, who tells them the heart-wrenching story of how he lost his family. Kara Ben Nemsi gives him new hope, but will he and Halef be able to help him find his loved ones again?

Stories by Victor Epp

September 10th, 2010

Vegetables – The Forbidden Fruit

There was a time when parents knew how to get their children to not only eat lots of fresh vegetables, but like them too. Where has all that wisdom gone? Now nutritionists, dieticians, educators and all that educated riff-raff are tearing their collective hair out to solve the dilemma. Oh for heavens sake, get a grip you people. There’s nothing to it. Listen up!

Appendicitis and Original Sin

Well, you might not think that this title makes any sense, since one thing hasn’t got anything to do with the other. But you might be surprised at the chain of events that can lead from a small prairie town nobody knows anything about all the way to Ethiopia. Have a read and you’ll find out differently.

Want to read some more? Then click here to go to Victor’s “blogspot”.

Deadly Dust – Karl May/Herbert Windolf

August 11th, 2010

The narrator, here for the first time called Old Shatterhand, is on his second trip through the Wild West, where he happens to meet the old frontiersman, Sans-Ear. Together, they foil an attack by a group of Sioux Ogallalla, joined by the rogue Morgan, scattering the losers. Their pursuit of Morgan takes them through the Texan Llano Estacado, where, themselves being in dire straits, they find Bob, a Negro servant of a jeweler known to Old Shatterhand. Shortly thereafter, they catch up with one of the jeweler’s sons, Bernard Marshal, who is traveling with several other men, some who turn out to be stakemen. After eliminating this renewed threat, and pursuing the ever elusive Morgan, they meet Winnetou, who now joins them in a skirmish with Comanche, then rides along on their way to San Francisco, the Sacramento gold fields and beyond. Eventually, the frontiersmen, Bernard Marshal and the Bob catch up with the Morgan criminals, who find their deserved end.

Sun Dance 2010

June 20th, 2010

In the early hours of Monday, 7th June 2010, this year’s Sun Dance attendants erected the first teepee. Others soon followed it and the little camp grew rapidly.

At the same time, an arbor was erected, a fire-pit was dug and an inipi (sweat lodge) was constructed in the traditional manner of the Lakota people.

Tuesday was ‘tree day’ – bushy pine trees were cut and placed around the arbor frame, leaving the eastern gate open so that the rays of the rising sun could enter unhindered. Finally, the tree of life, a tall birch with a single fork was selected by the elders and ceremoniously cut down. Many willing hands caught the tree as it came down and carried it to the trailer on which it would be transported to the Sun Dance grounds.

Once the tree arrived there, those same willing hands raised it in an effort that surpassed the flag raising on Iwo Jima.

The dancers settled into their teepee and the fire, which would burn for the duration of the ceremony, was lit.

In the morning, before the sun rose, the dancers entered the inipi, cleansed their bodies and prepared to dance to the sound of a drum and the traditional songs. Solemnly they entered the arbor through the eastern gate and began their dance that would not cease until the sun had traversed the sky and touched the western horizon. They finished the day with another ceremonial cleansing and then retired for the night, denying themselves food and water.

This was repeated for the following two days, culminating on the fourth day with their final sacrifice.

The Winnetou Trademark has been Approved

April 22nd, 2010

The Winnetou Trademark has been approved for registration on the 21st April 2010 with a statement of use that employed the products of Universum Film. The new owner Ms Sabine Niederberghaus-Lesavoy claims herself to be a German citizen and the official Karl May Verlag representative.

Now is the time for all Karl May fans to bond together and oppose this affront to the noble Apache Chief.

The time for litegation has finally come ….

You can view the Winnetou Trademark “in commerce” submission (8.59MB) here

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