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“In the Realm of the Silver Lion” Tetralogy – Karl May / Juergen Nett – eBooks

December 27th, 2017

The “Silver Lion” tetralogy is now available in ePub format.

Old Surehand Trilogy now available in ePub format

January 1st, 2016

Old Surehand is the name given to one of Karl May’s foremost Wild West heroes. In these pages you discover the dramatic tale of his life, which drove him restlessly across the prairie. His encounter with Indian tribes on the warpath and his trek across the arid reaches of the Llano Estacado keep the reader spellbound.

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Satan and Iscariot Trilogy now available in ePub Format

December 29th, 2015

These three volumes form the  “Satan and Iscariot” trilogy. Actually, Karl May only called the third volume by that name whilst others called it “The Swindler of the Millions”.
The story that began in the mountains of the Northern Mexico territory, where the first of the three notorious Melton character appears in “The Rock Castle” continues in “Kruger Bei” with yet more murderous betrayals through the deserts of northern Africa. Finally it concludes in the final book, “Satan and Iscariot”, with a fast moving tale that returns to the southern territories of the Unites States, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arizona, a tale that relates the pursuit of these “Swindler of the Millions”, until the final judgment is rendered to the purveyors of lawlessness and murder.

Oriental Odyssey VIII – Karl May / Michael M. Michalak

October 19th, 2014

Finally! The last volume of the Oriental Odyssey series is complete!
Kara ben Nemsi, Hajji Halef Omar and the faithful companions Omar and Osko are hot on the trail of the Schut. The wounded old Mübarek still seeks vengeance, but his injuries force him to seek shelter with Junak, the coal pedlar. Hajji Halef Omar, wanting to be a great hunter, does battle with a bear and is saved by Kara ben Nemsi. But the old Mübarek is not so lucky. The little troop almost falls into the trap set by the Schut’s men, is almost trapped in the infamous ‘Jewel Cave’, from which they manage to rescue Lord Lindsay and his Dragoman, and they almost fall prey to the Schut himself. Now read this final harrowing tale of how Kara ben Nemsi battles with the Schut in his own stronghold and pursues him in the final bid to bring him to justice.

Now available in ePub format …

Michael – Victor Epp

September 2nd, 2013

The chief spoke; “Nohtawenan saweyiminan oma Ka Kesikak”
Ohkom’s English response; “Our father, bless us this day”
Chief; “Ayis Kiyehewini pimatisiwin”
Ohkom; “For your breath is life”
Chief; “Sayweyiminan mena ota mamawai Kayayahk”
Ohkom “And Bless us here together”
Chief; “Meyinan, muskawisewin mena ayinesewin”
Ohkom; “Give us — strength and wisdom”
Chief; “Ta natohtamahk menata nahehtamahk”
Ohkom; “To listen and to hear”
Chief; “Namoya ayiwakeyimowin ta pimitsahamahk”
Ohkom; “Not to follow enviousness”
Chief; “Meyinan asumena ta wapahatamahk”
Ohkom; “Give us again to see”
Chief; “Sakastewini mena ka nanskomitinan”
Ohkom; “Sunrise and sunset”
Chief: “Hiy hiy ki anaskomitinan”
Ohkom; “Thank you, we are all most thankful”
Chief; “Pitane ekosi teyihki”
Ohkom; “Hoping that will happen”
The group now rose up from their places and formed a long line to shake hands and greet the two women, their own beloved Ohkom, the Spirit Speaker and Marie as well. Marie couldn’t believe the kind and gentle friendliness of these savage heathens.
Ohkom’s grandmother leaned over and said quietly, “It is not we who are the savages.”
Marie was thunderstruck that the woman had read her mind. Was it true that these people could read the thoughts of others? “No, no, not everybody,” said Ohkom, laughing.

Now available in Softcover format :

From the Author:

I was thinking about writing a book about a remarkable young man who lived to the age of forty-two with a disease called neurofibromatosis. That was about thirty-nine or forty years longer than predicted. The reason I knew him so well was that he was the son of a lifelong friend of mine. It wasn’t until I attended the funerals of the young man and a few months later of his father, my friend that I decided to do it.

Having no idea of how to begin or what to say in my book, I let it write itself as it were. Of course I had to protect the identity of my friend an his son, so I decided on a fictional flight of fancy, inserting as much of their personalities and activities into the narrative as possible. It took a few months to get it all done, because the story kept taking unexpected turns and I could literally do nothing except try to keep up with it. I wasn’t sure of what I had written when it was complete until I started editing.

Each time I went through the book I discovered new revelations I hadn’t even realized. One of the most striking things I discovered was the tremendous contribution to society made by people with “disabilities” to the community as a whole. Doctors and nurses and caregivers of course make their living serving these people, but aside from making a living, the benefits that accrue to them as a result of this work are monumental. And the volunteers, often considered the heroes of social services are tenfold beneficiaries of the lives of the people they serve.

You could say that if anyone can make the world a better place, it would be people with “disabilities” and not the world leaders as we might expect. It kind of turns the world on its head and makes a mockery of the “top down” system of benevolence.

As a bit of a fatalist, I am grateful to be chosen to write this narrative an hope that I have given it a credible effort. I sincerely hope the reader will find the same revelations I did.

Update: A new web site for Victor Epp’s book

Winnetou Books now available in ePub Format

February 23rd, 2013

Due to the ever increasing shipping cost, we have received requests from around the world for downloadable eBooks. Nemsi Books is therefore proud to announce that Karl May’s original, unabridged, English language works, are now available in the standard format set by the international Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). This ePub format is designed for re-flowable content, meaning that an ePub reader can optimize the book’s text for a particular display device.
To assist our reading public, we have provided a link to Adobe’s free downloadable eReader software (Adobe Digital Editions) able to open our ePub offering – and Yes! – You can also read our ePub books on an iPad if you use the free BlueFire reader available from your iPad App Store.

Our ePub books are available here. … be patient, more books are coming soon ….

The Lost Letters – Victor Epp

October 23rd, 2011

My speculation on how these letters eventually came into my hands is a bit of romantic daydreaming. I like to think that Yuri must have had a hand in binding them into the heavy leather cover. He would have the means to do that. I want very much to think that he and Trintje actually traveled to Gerhard’s original home and got to meet and embrace Katarina. What a lovely meeting that would have been. At least, that is my fantasy. I like to think she had an audience with a prince and his wife. That would be something that no Mennonite would ever pass up, and then receiving official documents from them; that would carry some considerable weight. It would be all over town in the blink of an eye. Katarina could then have confronted her father-in-law who, after reading the letters became contrite and penitent, and thus passing them on to another of his sons and so on down the line. Unfortunately that could not have happened because David the father died on September 25th of 1802, about the time of Gerhard’s last letter.

But I cling to the notion that such a meeting took place and by it, Katarina’s life was thus fulfilled and Gerhard’s letters were not in vain. I fantasize that she kept the letters close to her until her demise. Perhaps a brother of Gerhard’s received them to pass them on to the next generation. I’ll not waver from that thought. The time is getting shorter in my own life until I may have the opportunity to join him where he now is. I’ll ask him about it.

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