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The ‘Father of Victory’ is here!

January 28th, 2010

Finally, the first Illustrated Oriental Odyssey Adventure tale is here! We like to extend our thanks to Sergiy Marchenko and his family for helping to bring this work to the children of the world. Sergiy’s other artistic efforts can be viewed on our ‘Just for Kids’ page and on his personal page. We hope that these Illustrated Adventure Tales will encourage our children to read these timeless tales and that they will enjoy the additional coloring pages at the end of the book.

Winnetou Finger Puppets

December 30th, 2009

Here is another fun creation by Sergiy Marchenko – The Winnetou finger puppets can be used to tell tales, inspire a child’s imagination or to enact the Winnetou saga … For your enjoyment, you can download the image, print it on stiff card stock, cut out the puppets and glue them where indicated – the rest of the story is up to you …

Oriental Odyssey I – An Illustrated Adventure Tale

November 10th, 2009

Sergiy was born in the Ukraine where he still resides to this day. Since his childhood he was enticed by book illustrations and pursued this concept by attending an art studio where he learned his skills, which include sculpture, craft and graphic design. During his studies, Sergiy worked as a part time artist. After graduating from the Foreign Languages University in 1990, he worked as a secondary school teacher of English and German, then as a leisure coach and finally – Deputy Principal until 1996. Obsessed with the idea of becoming a professional translator and after attending a course for special translators’ training, he took up the position of Senior Translator and Interpreter for the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Nine years later he decided to quit and pursue his artistic calling. Running a small translation bureau, he is now a private entrepreneur, freelance illustrator and translator. When he saw his first Winnetou movie, Sergiy started drawing Karl May characters. Getting acquainted with Karl May’s original and translated works, his drive became even stronger. To produce an illustrated book of Karl May’s adventures became increasingly imperative. The Oriental Odyssey Illustrated Adventure Series is his first mutual project with Nemsi Books. Sergiy hopes that his children are going to like these illustrated tales. He also hopes his work will be appreciated by all children around the world, to whom Karl May addressed his message of a brotherhood among men so long ago.

Check out Sergiy’s ‘Just for Kids Page’

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