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September 25th, 2009

nsho-tshiTo better serve our customers around the world, we have created the Nsho-Tshi’s Trading Post – an on-line book store with the flavor of the old trading posts of years gone by …

Who is Nsho-Tshi?

For those of you who have read the Winnetou saga, the name would already be familar, but for the uninitiated,   Nsho-Tshi is the name of Winnetou’s sister, meaning ‘Beautiful Day’.

This then begs the question – who is Winnetou?

Winnetou is a character created by the well known German author Karl May. His four volume series entitled Winnetou described the life and adventures of a young Apache warrior who became the chief of his tribe upon the death of his father.

We do not wish to spoil the tale by telling you more of the story and our reason for choosing her name for our trading post wherein you can purchase the many English language volumes of Karl May’s “Traveler’s Tales” that we have on offer.

Let us just say that in choosing to name our store, we have fulfilled Nsho-Tshi’s wish and that of Winnetou.

So click on the image, come on in and browse the wares that Nsho-Tshi offers …


Our titles are also available in e-book format. Please follow the links below:


Collector Editions


German Original Editions

Thanks to the work of the Karl May Gesellschaft you can read the original Karl May manuscripts as published during his lifetime.

For your reading pleasure and enjoyment, go to our German Original Editions page to download these electronic editions in epub format.

Comic Book News …

Sergiy Marchenko has been working hard to finalize the comic book of the opening chapters of the Oriental Odyssey … It is finally complete and available here.

Also take a look at his Just for Kids Page featuring downloadable cutout characters such as Winnetou, Kara ben Nemsi and others …

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