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Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm

September 26th, 2009

aleksandra-ziolkowska-boehmAleksandra was born and educated in Poland, began her writing career as an assistant to Melchior Wankowicz, a prominent Polish writer. His status in Poland might be compared to that of Ernest Hemingway in the English-speaking world. For her help and research with his latest book Wankowicz not only dedicated his last book to her but also bequeathed her his archives.

Aleksandra is the author of many books, some of them bestsellers in Poland, five of her books had two or three editions. One was chosen as the book of the week, the other was awarded the best book of 2006 by the Polish Writers Union Abroad in London. Aleksandra is recipient of numerous literary awards, scholarships or fellowships. Awarded a fellowship in Literature – Creative Nonfiction discipline by the Delaware Division of the Arts in 2006, a Fulbright scholar in 2006-2007. She is a member of the Society of Polish Writers, Warsaw, and the PEN American Center, New York. Her works have included historical biographies and autobiographical stories of her peripatetic life.

Since April 1990, she has lived permanently in Delaware. In 2010, her non-fiction book about travels with her cat is scheduled to be published by Purdue University Press.

The great niece of Korczak Ziolkowski, sculptor of the Crazy Horse mountain carving in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the author was inspired by him in this writing project.

Open Wounds – A Native American Heritage – Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm

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Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm’s  book portrays the current status and outlook of the American Indians. Resulting from 10 years of research and visits to Indian lands, the book was inspired by the writer’s great uncle Korczak Ziolkowski , sculptor of the Crazy Horse mountain carving  in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
The author provides a broad spectrum of Indian history, culture, traditions, subjugation, suffering, reservation poverty, failed government policies, education, emergence and the portent of a future of well-deserved dignity, respect and beginning signs of success. Personal interviews with members of the Apache, Chickasaw, Kiowa and Northern Cheyenne Nations add a potent insight into Indian feelings and opinions. Clearly evident throughout the book is Ziolkowska-Boehm’s admiration and esteem for American Indians, particularly for the pride they exhibit after suffering a “heritage of open wounds” over many years.

The publisher and author wish to acknowledge with thanks the support of Homer Flute – member of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma, Chief Executive Officer/Trustee of the SCMD Trust, a Native American nonprofit organization.

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