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Oriental Odyssey I – Karl May / Michael M. Michalak

April 10th, 2001


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This is the book that started the Karl May Translation Project. It was a joint effort by Elaine and Michael who spent the first year translating this manuscript from the original serial version published in the “Deutscher Hausschatz”  (German Home Treasure) periodical. The following year, Elaine and Michael edited the work (read The Trials and Tribulation of Translating Karl May into English)
As you might know, travel in the Orient is a dangerous affair. But as you travel with the hero of these narratives and join him on his journey around the Mediterranean from Algiers to Albania, through the many, at times hostile, lands and encounter the grizzly remains of a murdered man, follow the tracks of the perpetrators across the sands of the world’s largest desert, meet with corrupt Turkish officials and rescue a maiden from a kidnapper and become involved in the battle between warring Arabian tribes, you are no longer just an impartial reader. You are part of this epic journey, a part of the action and the struggle to solve the mystery that is unfolded in this first book of this ongoing series.

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