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Letter to School Boards

August 15th, 2010

Dear Sirs;

We are contacting all the school districts across the country to assess the degree of interest in our providing a useful service to the schools in areas of literacy and language arts with our audio and eBooks. We hope you will respond.

Expression of Interest

Worldwide Sunshine Records

Audio Book Delivery System Survey

July 2010

Worldwide Sunshine Records is currently exploring the possibility of making its growing catalogue of audio books available to schools across the country including, and especially in remote areas, possibly by video
or telebroadcasting via the Internet.

This is a relatively new venture for us, and given the reception our storyteller Victor Epp has received for his narration, we thought it well worthwhile to explore the possibility of sharing it with your students.

With the spiraling cost of books along with shrinking library budgets it is important to design a system that is both cost effective AND that works for your schools. We would appreciate an acknowledgement of your interest in exploring such a program with us.

Our library is relatively small at the moment, but growing. The selection can be viewed [thkBC height=”500″ width=”1000″ anchortext=”here” title=”Victor Epp” url=”″ type=”iframe”] along with voice clips.

Please forward to your reply to


Ness Michaels, president

Worldwide Sunshine Records

Deadly Dust – Karl May/Herbert Windolf

August 11th, 2010

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The narrator, here for the first time called Old Shatterhand, is on his second trip through the Wild West, where he happens to meet the old frontiersman, Sans-Ear. Together, they foil an attack by a group of Sioux Ogallalla, joined by the rogue Morgan, scattering the losers. Their pursuit of Morgan takes them through the Texan Llano Estacado, where, themselves being in dire straits, they find Bob, a Negro servant of a jeweler known to Old Shatterhand. Shortly thereafter, they catch up with one of the jeweler’s sons, Bernard Marshal, who is traveling with several other men, some who turn out to be stakemen. After eliminating this renewed threat, and pursuing the ever elusive Morgan, they meet Winnetou, who now joins them in a skirmish with Comanche, then rides along on their way to San Francisco, the Sacramento gold fields and beyond. Eventually, the frontiersmen, Bernard Marshal and the Bob catch up with the Morgan criminals, who find their deserved end.

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