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Satan and Iscariot – Karl May / Herbert V. Steiner

February 5th, 2009


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This is the third and final volume of the trilogy that many refer to as the “Satan and Iscariot” trilogy. Actually, Karl May called the third volume by that name, but others called it “The Swindler of the Millions”. In tune with the actual theme of the story, I will go with the original title “Satan and Iscariot”. In this conclusion of the story, that started in the mountains of the Northern Mexico territory, where the first of the three notorious Melton character appears in “The Rock Castle”, through the deserts of northern Africa, where the murderous betrayals continue, in the volume called “Kruger Bei”, the story concludes in this third book, “Satan and Ischariot”, with a fast moving tale that returns to the southern territories of the Unites States, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arizona, a tale that relates the pursuit of these “Swindler of the Millions”, until the final judgment is rendered to the purveyors of lawlessness and murder, culminating in the rendering of justice to all. The story tells of plots to murder and cheat, fratricide within a family, similar to the story of Cain and Abel of the Bible, and takes you through the wilderness of the deserts and red rocks of the southwest. Various new characters appear in this story and all of the plots of the scheming criminals are defeated by the courageous frontiersmen, Winnetou, the Apache Chief, and Old Shatterhand, the German adventurer who calls the Wild West his second home. We know you will enjoy this final story, and cling to every act of justice brought by to you by our heroes.

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Pacific Shores – Karl May / Herbert Windolf

February 1st, 2009


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Pacific Shores is a wide-ranging adventure series centered on the Pacific and Indian Oceans with side trips to Germany, Russia and Mongolia. The reader will find in this adventure novel May’s sidekicks, the Yankee captain Frick Turnerstick, and the English lord Sir John Raffley, both quite funny at times. May’s highly detailed description of Ceylon’s / Sri Lanka’s and Sumatra’s flora is likely based on his personal experience when he traveled as far as Sumatra. His extremely vivid account of a typhoon on a sailing ship in the Pacific must be based on reports of others. And, again and again, it is amazing how this prolific writer, Karl May, weaved fact and fiction together to an exciting narrative.

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